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CPD Events: Insolvency - Keep Ahead Of The Game

Please note that for the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak

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"Insolvency - Keep Ahead Of The Game"


Aimed at Accountants & Book Keepers, these popular sessions are designed to keep you up to date with all of the changes taking place in the world of Insolvency.

Presented by our specialist Insolvency Consultants, these sessions focus on how to identify the signs that your clients may be approaching an insolvency event and importantly, how to protect their assets.

Topics include;

  • Recognising potential insolvency in your clients.

  • Being aware of the different procedures available for your clients that will protect their best interests.

  • Protecting the Directors of Limited Companies.

  • Retaining your clients.

  • Avoiding any issues with your regulatory body and the OFT with providing regulated advice.

  • How you will increase your income streams whilst providing excellent customer support and solutions.

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